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Marie McKee, LCSW


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Hi, I'm Marie McKee

And I Provide Counseling for Grieving and Trauma Impacted Children, Teens and Adults in Barrington

I help people of all ages, from young children in elementary school through high school, including children with special needs, and those with learning disabilities, and adults of all ages, deal with grief and loss throughout the life span.  I have worked with children and adults, and older adults who are dealing with life transitions, life changes, and traumatic events (both past and present), and those who have suffered grief and loss, and the after-effects, such as depression and anxiety.

Helping People Navigate Grief and Trauma

People of all ages experience losses, and how we learn to cope with them can have life-long consequences. Grief can come upon us, often unexpectedly, and managing the effects of grief can help incorporate the loss into our lives.

Life is Full of Many Different Challenges

From the birth of a new child, to the loss of parents, or one’s spouse, life can be full of excitement, yet also challenges.  I am empathetic, and client-centered, using a cognitive behavioral, trauma-informed approach. I help empower clients to live their best selves by creating a safe space to explore ways of becoming that best! As a clinician, I am passionate about moving people from a place of disempowerment, to a place of thriving and fullness. My style is personal while using a variety of approaches based on client needs, to include stress-relief, mindfulness, and anxiety-reduction.

A Little About My Professional Background

I graduated from University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign with a Bachelor of Science in Education, and from Aurora University with a Master of Social Work. In addition, I also has extensive training as a hospital chaplain.

I have worked across a range of settings, including schools, hospitals, and in communities. I believe in helping people be their best selves, in their relationships, at their jobs, and within their communities.

Counseling May Help You Feel More at Ease After a Loss

Meeting with a therapist can really help … If you’re interested in reaching out, I offer a free 15 minute consultation in which you may ask me questions about my services and we can explore if we’d be a good fit. Reach out at 224-239-5359, I’m here for you.