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Stop & Swing

Along my walking path, there is an abandoned school. While the school is run down and boarded up, it is surrounded by wooded acreage. The land is beautiful, like a secret treasure hidden away off the beaten path of everyday life. I often walk the grounds, watch the sun peek through the trees while I…

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What’s Love Got to Do with It

Everything! February 14th is traditionally a day of flowers, chocolates, and teddy bears-a day to show your love to significant people in your life. I love to receive all those tokens of love, too, so why pick a certain day…why not show your love every day? Love needs to be unconditional-in good times, bad times,…

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Why I Love Therapy

Common Reactions There are two common reactions that I receive when people discover that I’m a therapist. The most common is the deer in the head light stance. I can see the questions swirling in their mind.  “What did I say? Have I said too much? Does she think I’m crazy?”  The second most common reaction…

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