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Amanda Schwellenbach, LCPC, ATR
Counselor, Art Therapist

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Hi, I'm Amanda Schwellenbach

And I Provide Counseling for Children and Teens in Chicagoland

I work with children and teens struggling with anxiety, depression, or motivation. I also enjoy working with those who are struggling to thrive due to issues of self-esteem and daily struggles of school and social or peer interaction. I am passionate about helping others through difficult times of transition and grief. Teenagers and adolescents are a passion of mine and helping them and their parents move forward and positively interact is also a passion of mine.

Helping Teens Overcome Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety can affect someone’s school or even work performance and lower quality of life. Your child may be struggling with social anxiety at school and with peers. Your child may be afraid at night or working through grief or a personal struggle that is keeping them from achieving in school or connecting with your family and their friends.

Being a kid in today’s world is hard. Technology, social media, bullying, social pressures, and academic pressures can affect a child’s life and inhibit their potential. Sometimes children and especially teens struggle to talk to their parents about what is going on with them to no fault of the parent and having a trusted adult to share and explore more difficult topics can make all the difference in a teen’s development and life.

Sometimes just “talking” isn’t enough.

I like to help others consider and adopt other ways to view situations and others to help them explore different ways of thinking that may serve them better moving forward. I use both traditional methods of therapy and art therapy. Art therapy is way of using art and the creative process to sort through different problems and feelings.

When working with children or adolescents I like to involve the family as much as is helpful in the child's treatment. I offer a safe space to express yourself while offering and exploring with my clients, new ways to approach their life. I like to help my clients find the best version of themselves and their life through emotional release, processing, grieving, or problem solving.

We can use both traditional therapy but also creative activities or art and create our own plan for what works best for your child. Sometimes it can be difficult for a child or teen to sit in an office and simply explain what is going on with them and so adding art or activities can help build our relationship and keep them engaged in their own therapeutic process.

A Little About My Professional Background

I attended University of Illinois Chicago and received a bachelor’s in Studio Arts. I then attended Mount Mary College and received a master’s in both Art Therapy and Counseling.

I have experience working with adults suffering from mental illness and prior homelessness at a non-profit in Chicago and numerous years experience working with children. I spent several years working at a therapeutic day school as an art therapist and counselor.

Throughout the years I spent working in the school I ran groups and saw children individually who had enrolled in the school or were asked to attend by the district due to issues with anxiety, depression, drug abuse, bullying, self esteem issues, or academic struggles. I have presented at the Wisconsin Art Therapy Symposium on my experience working with children and have ran workshops related to self-esteem and also on the topic of compassion fatigue.

I Specialize in Resistant and Struggling Teens

Meeting with a therapist and building a relationship with somebody your child can trust can make all the difference. Meeting with someone that understands them and in addition, does not judge can help them become successful adults. Your child may be resistant or nervous to meet with a therapist and I will do whatever I can to make them more comfortable and feel supported.

When working with children, I like to meet with the parent(s) first to get their perspective and then I meet with your child. I’d love to set something up and help your child and your family. Call and make an appointment today, (224)-239-5359