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Each person, family and experience is unique, complex, and personal. Therefore, your therapist will tailor treatment to meet your specific needs throughout the process.

Individual Counseling

Do Any of The Following Resonate With You?

  • You are feeling lost, hopeless, depressed or anxious.
  • The current pace of life has you feeling overwhelmed.
  • You feel stuck and unsure of what might be next for you.

If so, Individual Counseling Can Help.

  • Learn how to identify and verbalize your feelings.
  • Identify and prioritize your core values and your desires.
  • Learn to practice self-awareness and healthy self-care.

Family Counseling

Do Any of The Following Resonate With You?

  • There is a high level of conflict in your family.
  • Some or all family members are struggling to feel seen, heard and understood.
  • Life is overwhelming for some or all family members.

If so, Family Counseling Can Help.

  • Establish healthy communication and coping strategies and work as a team.
  • Identify and build your family around your core values.
  • Establish tools for resolving conflict in healthy ways.

Couples Counseling

Do Any of The Following Resonate With You?

  • Feeling lost and hopeless in their relationships.
  • Fearing the impending loss of the relationship.

If so, Couples Counseling Can Help.

  • Learn how to connect
  • Be friends and live an adventurous life together.
  • Establish tools for resolving conflict in healthy ways.

Art Therapy

Do Any of The Following Resonate With You?

  • You are concerned about the emotional well-being of your child.
As a parent or family, you are feeling disconnected from your child.
  • You are aware that children and teens have too much pressure on them to perform, achieve and succeed.

If so, Art Therapy Can Help.

  • Children, teens and families will establish healthy coping skills and learn how to connect and work as a team.
  • Families will connect emotionally and establish healthy tools for engaging in this busy life.
  • Children and teens will feel empowered to process a life of pressures.

Grief Counseling

Do Any of The Following Resonate With You?

  • You have suffered a loss through death or the ending of a relationship
  • There has been a medical change of a loved one, or aging parents
  • You’ve entered empty nesting or retirement

If so, Grief Counseling Can Help.

  • The grieving will establish healthy coping strategies to navigate the seasons of grief and loss.
  • Feel empowered as they engage in the grieving process.
  • Establish and feel peaceful about new goals for life after loss.

Financial Coaching

Do Any of The Following Resonate With You?

  • You are living paycheck to paycheck.
  • Debt is overwhelming you.
    You have more money going out than they have coming in.
  • You are afraid of talking about money, and do not know how to budget, save or plan for retirement.

If so, Financial Coaching Can Help.

  •  Learn how to talk about and make healthy decisions with money.
  • Learn how to budget
  • Discover how to live within your means and plan for retirement

Bending Birch Counseling Is Here For You

We provide a safe and sometimes even fun environment where you can be seen, heard and supported in the work you want to do. We are each in it, meaning we are committed to our own journeys, which helps us lead you well on yours.

Regardless of our age or life experience, there is a tremendous amount of power in our story. Once we give ourselves permission to embrace our story, that power can unleash a sense of peace and hope that may never have been felt before.

The results are a greater sense of purpose, an ability to cope with the stresses of everyday life, setting healthy boundaries and enjoying relationships.

If you're looking for extra support and guidance through a challenging situation or you're just ready to move in a new direction in your life, we cherish the opportunity of hearing your story and walking with you on the path of healing.